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Monday, September 16, 2013


just a little break from the trip back to kansas to report on stupid here......i've had him for a week now...and usually he's pretty good about not needing to go during the night....but the past few night we've had to make a visit to the yard so he could pee....usually i turn on the outside lights and take a look to make sure no little critters are around...but guess last night i missed a big ol skunk...and as soon as hud spotted him he went after it....well, guess you know the rest of the story....seems he didn;t get a direct hit but did get some...i thought mostly to the a little tomato juice facial and off to bed.....the doggie wash place opens at a phone call is going to be made and hopefully they can get him in this morning and he can get his usual bath plus the "de-skunk" wash....
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