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Sunday, September 29, 2013


FINALLY was able to take birdie to the doggie beach for the first time...she and beau had a great time...beau is a dream at the beach....just wants to chase his ball....he can wear you out....birdie did pretty good....she didn't venture out into the water very far but i'm sure that will come in time...she had fun chasing beau and some of the other dogs.....she just needs to learn beach etiquette as in coming when called and being a little nicer to little dogs..oh, and of course...don't go messin around the "sunbathers please get away from me" people at the doggie beach. course after any trip to the beach comes with a stop at the "u wash dog place" which she just hated and beau ddn't like it much better...but they need to getg over that if they want to go to the beach and play.
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